#tastelebanon brings people from around the world into this beautiful Food & Wine Country!

I take the opportunity of this amazing initiative in Lebanon (www.tastelebanon.com) to present you also some Lebanese bloggers and #digitalovers that speak very well about their country, food and lifestyle:


Working with the Ministry of Tourism, Taste Lebanon brings people from around the world
to this beautiful country, opening their eyes as Lebanon opens its heart.

A boutique culinary tour company, founded and led by former Miss Lebanon Bethany Kehdy, now a successful food blogger, cookbook author and entrepreneur, Taste Lebanon provides an unparalleled opportunity to be immersed in this famous food culture, experiencing it through the appetite of a local. Meeting and supporting the community of local producers, the tours delve deep into the soul of the country’s culture and traditions.

“From the street food and upmarket bistros in the buzzing metropolis of Beirut, fresh seafood on the glistening northern shores of the Mediterranean, apple orchards and the deep ingrained spirit of hospitality high in the Lebanese mountains or wild za’atar fields in the South, Taste Lebanon shows a raw and authentic side of the country to which foreigners are rarely privy,” says Bethany.

This April, Taste Lebanon was also proud to entertain 10 journalists and food writers from the UK and USA to promote a positive side to the country in the Western press, changing the country’s image and attracting tourists again. With award winning writers, including David Lebovitz, Anjali Prasertong from The Kitchn, Judy Cogan from The Sunday People, and Kevin Gould from The Guardian, their utter enjoyment and satisfaction has been reflected in much needed coverage for tourism in the country.

Filmed and produced by the wonderfully talented duo that is Raspberry & Jam, here’s what the journalists had to say about their experience in Lebanon!
As with mezze, there’s plenty more of Taste Lebanon to be scooped up with a range of different options available, from Beirut Bites, one day tours of the Capital; Weekend Escapes swallowing in the beach and mountains for three days and the full seven day Food Trek, there’s enough to satiate any craving. In addition, boutique private tours are also available on request.

please contact us on info@tastelebanon.co.uk