DWCC the Rioja chronicles: Dressed for sucess

Post by my friend Magnus from
Sweden… About #DWCC

Testimony of a wine junkie

When going to a conference there’s most a often a participant package, so also at DWCC. I’m notoriously bad on reading those but this year I did and found that there was a dress code mentioning something about old AC/DC t-shirts from high school etc might not be the thing. Well I wear my original 1990-something T-shirt with pride – in Stockholm, Vienna, Brecia, Izmir and Rioja.

Rioja Forum #DWCC

I posted about this on facebook, mainly as a joke, but after the response there and on the BYOB party in Rioja, I felt obliged to wear it during day one of the conference.

Best thing about the #DWCC is that there is room for everyone, the people, the participants, are what really makes this show rock – and once again proven that almost everyone who love wine has class. Of course there are great talks, workshops, tastings and winery trips. But the…

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