EWBC and the academic sponsorship

I take inspiration from the brilliant article of Franco Ziliani, where he comments an article that talks about rosè wine on wine pages, where he laments the absence of even one Italian rose in this article about rosè wines from all over the world. I have provided a link to the article above along with all the comments some of which I do not agree with 100%.

Franco Ziliani is completely right, it is necessary here in Italy to return to the basics of marketing and communication for employees at all levels in the wine industry, that communication is not something to be taken lightly or a trifling thing, it is indeed of paramount importance especially in a historic moment in our society such as this one of great wealth, abundance, change and mobility. Consumers need storytelling  and brands need to humanize themselves if they are to succeed or even just survive.  Competition is fierce, people need to be told why a product is better, brands and products need to be relatable, consumers want to identify with you, like you, and buy your product, you just need to tell them why through “ a better sounding story”.

Do you know what EWBC is? I am sure that everyone reading my post  is aware of this GLOBAL wine blogger conference that will take place right here in Italy under our noses in Franciacorta in October this year,  if not please click on the link to find out information about this event.  Then do me a favour and go and see which is the only academic sponsor of this event.  Yes, yes for a big conference about wine communication, the only academic sponsor is indeed a FRENCH University, the ESC Dijon a Business school in France that has a great communication master’s program offered in English.

Ask yourselves why is a French business school that is located in Bourgogne the only academic sponsor in Italy of a business event? The director of this School Dr. Joelle Brouard is someone Italian professors,  faculty heads and rectors should follow closely, take a page from her book and shadow her.  She is a bright and forward thinking person who has supported many innovative and leading edge communication events such as Vinocamp since its inception practically, ESC Dijon has a plethora of international students, the master’s in communication  is all in English and students are encouraged to present projects and comment and publish said comments and observations  on everything!

Why is it that not one enology department of any of our illustrious universities are not supporting EWBC?
Why must it be ESC Dijon and not the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche (University of Gastronomy Sciences and studies) why aren’t the professors and other staff of Master Cibo-Vino not present? Where is the famous IULM in all of this? Italy… a country that is a mystery wrapped in  conundrum in a labyrinth! And then one has to listen to complaints about “communication specialist” who have no solid background and are last minute self-aggrandizing charlatans!

Not to belabor the point bud do you realize the absurdity of this situation? An event unlike any held in Italy in recent memories, with people flying in from the US, Australia and all four corners of the world, an event in Franciacorta and the only academic sponsor in a country that has been making wine for 4000 years is ESC Business School????


If anyone has something to say about this speak now or forever hold your peace. 😉