HOFA Gallery and ARTCELS present a summer exhibition in luxurious Mykonos with Kaws, Banksy, Hirst, Condo and Koons

Mykonos, 30 July, 2020: HOFA Gallery, in collaboration with ARTCELS, has announced the hugely successful blue-chip contemporary art exhibition, ‘XXI’, will make its long-awaited arrival in Mykonos this summer. Launching on 27 August in the heart of Mykonos Town, it will be the first time artists of this calibre have ever been exhibited together on the island, with the likes of Kaws, Banksy, Damien Hirst, George Condo and Jeff Koons headlining the exclusive show. The exhibition will also be available to all virtually via HOFA Gallery’s website, ensuring those who cannot come to Mykonos this summer can still experience the show.


Art investor views RETNA’s Los Ne El Barrio, the abstract lettered painting is finished with a rare blue diamond dust

Hosted at HOFA’s stunning new gallery space located a stone’s throw from the famous port of Mykonos and prestigious destinations such as Nobu, the Belvedere, and the new Scorpios Restaurant, ‘XXI’ promises to be a highlight of the summer calendar for the sophisticated, cosmopolitan crowd who throng to the idyllic Cyclades island in 2020.



Art investor views Robert Longo x Supreme Untitled series of 3 decks

Artworks by other elite international artists including Anthony James, Zhuang Hong Yi, Adam Parker Smith, and Daniel Arsham, among others, will also be featured as part of the ‘XXI’ exhibition portfolio, valued at over $1M (USD) collectively. This portfolio is held by ARTCELS, a digital art investment platform designed to make blue-chip art investments more accessible to young, tech-savvy people around the world. Subscribers can buy shares in the carefully curated portfolio of blue-chip artworks, under the visionary art brokerage of the ARTCELS team, and then enjoy their investments through global exhibitions.  ARTCELS was launched in February 2020 at the star-studded premiere of ‘XXI’ in Mayfair, London, and has since garnered many subscribers leading to record uptake of their limited asset shares.



Art investor walks past Blame Game Portfolio, a unique set of 10 prints by Kaws which has been shrouded in mystery since its shadow début in 2016

Though the scheduled Mykonos début will happen 4 months later than initially planned, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown, ARTCELS’ founders are optimistic that the exhibition of ‘XXI’ at the luxurious Greek tourist destination will attract the diverse mix of art lovers, investors, and enthusiasts whose interests the investment platform was designed to serve.



Anthony James’ Dodecahedronmade of steel, glass and LED lights (2019)

Commenting on the upcoming exhibition in Mykonos, HOFA and ARTCELS co-founder Elio D’Anna said, “After 3 very successful years in Nammos Village, we are delighted to be launching our new gallery space in Mykonos Town with such a high-profile exhibition, the likes of which has never been seen in Mykonos before.”   

He added, “Naturally, we will encourage social distancing and other measures to keep people safe. We will also offer private viewings to ensure our current and prospective investors can enjoy exclusive access to the ‘XXI’ exhibition in a safe and responsible way.

The ‘XXI’ exhibition launches at HOFA Gallery, Mykonos on 27 August until 10 September 2020.  The show will also be available to see virtually from the 27 August via a secure link on HOFA’s website – please email emmalouise@thehouseoffineart.com to register for press preview.



The iconic Red Rabbit by Jeff Koons exhibited at ‘XXI’  






ARTCELS is a secure art investments platform with pioneering features supported by strategic partnerships. Swiss partners of ARTCELS include 4ARTECHNOLOGIES who provide the technology to authenticate all art assets, and ASSETYZE who ensures all transactions are secured with blockchain technology.

Core to A R T C E L S investment strategy is expert insight on stocks and market trends. Our preference for top-performing art assets ensures liquidity for investors who will be able to trade their equity tokens on regulated exchanges as soon as a framework for such trades is implemented.

more information visiting www.artcels.com