Author: Majida LVP Ph.D

Original founder of Le Vin Parfait, she's the cat, the Mediterranean soul of this blog. Independent and spicy, do not get too close, her claws are very sharp...
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Discovering a Luxurious Holiday Experience at Vista Palazzo Lago di Como

Original and unique things always have a special status, and the Vista Palazzo Lago di Como is a striking example of a hotel that attracts attention with its noble character, unsurpassed location, and refined atmosphere […]

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Luxury Olive Oil that Embodies Wellness and Good Health to Your Life

When generosity of the Cyprus land meets people’s professionalism, respect for nature’s gifts, and desire to create organic premium quality foodstuff, an exquisite healthy product is born. The island’s perfect climate and ancient traditions of growing olives gave birth to the excellence of organic extra virgin olive oil Olio Zo, which became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Olive Oil in Cyprus.

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The Best Luxury Hotels in Bali by Luxury Lifestyle Awards

The whole world knows Bali as the Island of the Gods. This marvelous land proudly carries such an eloquent nickname for a reason. It may refer to hand-carved temples, Hindu rituals, aromas of incense, and heavenly beautiful surroundings. But what is more important for the tourists is that the Island of the Gods is a perfect place for people to stay. This paradisiacal land seems to be created for the joyous celebration of life and nature’s beauty.